David - Houston, TX

    OCCUPATION: Construction Management
    PDGA # 25545
    HOME COURSE: Agnes Moffit 

    FAVORITE DISC:  175 Flat Top Star Firebird

    COMPETITIVE LEVEL:  Advanced Amateur


    "I initially heard about disc golf during my sophomore year at TAMU. One of the students in my public speaking class gave their persuasive speech about his hobby of disc golf and at that moment, the seed was planted. My brother Adam and I started talking about the sport with our friends and family and also learned there was a course very close to where we grew up in Houston, Agnes Moffitt Park.  For Christmas that year, my parents gifted me three (3) discs, a DX Beast, DX Spider and Special Edition Rhyno. My family and I went to Moffitt that day, played our very first round together and were hooked ever since. The passion quickly led to more and more time spent on the course, meeting several of the locals (Moffitt Rats), joining the PDGA, playing my first tournament (Texas States at Tom Bass in 2004) and becoming Co-Vice President of the Aggie Disc Golf Club with my brother Adam."


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