Duro 90 ShoreBreak - Prototype
Duro 90 ShoreBreak - Prototype
Duro 90 ShoreBreak - Prototype
Duro 90 ShoreBreak - Prototype

Duro 90 ShoreBreak - Prototype

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These are a few prototypes out of the first test run we created. All discs are 169-176g and unstamped. The name of the disc is embossed on the underside.

 PDGA Approved.  Made in USA.

What is this disc?...

Two years in the making, we have merged the best qualities of a throwing approach disc with the hand feel and depth of a putting putter with our first disc. The Shorebreak is an overstable putter that resists torque for a consistent straight flight with a very predictable fade at the end of flight. This torque resistance allows the Shorebreak to handle any amount of power you put behind it, even in the windiest conditions, while the comfortable feel allows you to have confidence for putting with it. When thrown soft, the Shorebreak is a very controllable disc and the predictable overstability will allow the disc to stick and land where you throw it. The next time you are looking for a putter you can have confidence in off the tee box, approaching the basket, and even sticking the chains look no further than the Shorebreak.

What is it made from?...

The Shorebreak is uniquely made differently than most conventional golf discs. We use a compression molded technique which imparts characteristics not seen in most discs on the market. The Shorebreak is made with an ultra-premium material that offers unbeatable weather resistance, tensile strength, abrasion resistance and grip. Even in wet weather you will be able to trust your grip. The compression molding process also introduces memory into the disc so that even in the event of the highest impacts the disc will return to its original shape and allows the disc to retain its flight characteristics for a long time. Also, upon impacts, the Shorebreak absorbs much of the energy and does not bounce off objects very far. This also applies when contacting the basket, allowing the Shorebreak to really stick when it hits the chains.

What does Duro mean?...

Since we are planning to only use an ultra-premium material for all our discs, the mixtures will remain consistent throughout the lineup. Only firmness will be adjusted between runs. Instead of using names to characterize each line, we will be utilizing a number on a Durometer A scale.  The durometer is a unit of measure for measuring the hardness of a material.

So, what is Duro 90?...

Durometer, or “Duro” 90, in this case will be the softest material we offer. The material is ultra-premium, floppy, and soft, but not so soft that it flops over itself. It still has enough firmness to retain its shape and hold up while throwing but is softer than most other putters on the market. This softness increases the disc’s energy absorption. The first thing you will notice picking it up is how pliable it is but once you throw it, you’ll right away notice how it really wants to stop once it hits an object, the ground, and even the chains. If you love super soft putters and are looking for a disc with the ultimate amount of forgiveness, you will love the Duro 90 material.

These first prototypes are all Durometer 90 and Midnight in color. We are currently in the process of testing firmer materials and colors to be released in the future. Stay tuned…. #3CShorebreak

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brandon Petersen
Found: The Missing Link

Well, I was finally able to give the Shorebreak some throws up and down the street.
I think I am going to paint a face on it and give it a name. It feels like shaking hands with an old friend that I know I can trust.
Pitched through the air, it holds hyzer and anti-hyzer and alway lays down where it lands. Like a well trained dog, it lies awaiting my next command.
The Shorebreak is an excellent approach disc that can take a lot of power with both fore and backhand. Expect very little fade at any speed. It is an aim and shoot tool for the course.
It can be a little wonky for putting with its softer top. However, it is very sticky and grabs chains.

WARNING: The Shorebreak can cause conflict between spouses due to the constant need of the possessor to flick the Shorebreak into the air and catch it. The Shorebreak’s impeccable balance observed in the air and the grippiness felt as it skids to a stop in the hand is delightful.

Todd Moore
Great Putter

I have a few rounds under my belt with the Durometer 90 and love it. Let's face it, we're all not pro level at putting but this disc does help lower scores. It's forgiving when it hits the chains, predictable slight fade and doesn't bounce or roll away into deep C2 territory. Also it's a very good approach disc too that won't skip past the target. First round out of the box with no warmups with it, shot my best round at local course and alot of it had to do with this putter. Get one. Period.

Lower scores included with this disc

Shorebreak is a game changer for upshots and the most valuable disc in my bag. Overstable with incredible feel either Forehand or Backhand. Great disc!


Great disc, great name. Buy a 5 pack and cycle them into your practice routine!

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